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the picture. >> this is called the widow-maker. >> gerald cartman a dermatologist near los angeles suffered a heart attack in march. >> all of a sudden, the pain started. i mean, i couldn't sit still. i mean, even in the car, you know, driving over there, i couldn't put a seat belt on. i'm just moving around, just trying to, you know, think of something else, but the pain overtakes every thought. >> doctors in the emergency room saved his life. but 20% of carpman's heart muscle was already dead. >> you can lose one-quarter or even 40% of your functioning heart muscle overnight. >> during a heart attack, heart muscle is starved of oxygen and it dies. if the patient survives, a scar forms over that dead tissue. the remaining muscle can't pump as much blood. when the damage is extensive enough over time, months or years, the body tries to compensate by making the heart larger, but that only makes the pumping even less efficient. it's a vicious cycle, which leads in the end to heart failure. in april carpman checked into cedar sinai hospital to take part in a new clinical trial testing stem cel
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1